Hilary Gallo - 3D Conversations Mentor

Hilary is the author of ‘The Power of Soft - a guide to getting what you want without being a ****’ and ‘Fear Hack’. 

Having worked as a lawyer and a negotiator at multinational corporations, Hilary left all that behind to do what he really loves. He’s now a writer, a speaker and a coach – but describes himself as an ‘enabler’. 

With a knack of getting to the heart of problems and seeing an entirely different way through them, Hilary coaches creative leaders, teams and individuals to examine their challenges from new angles. Of our fears, he asks, ‘If we welcome what scares us in, as our friend, what does it tell us and where does it help us to go?’ 

3D Conversations brings Hilary's background as a negotiator together with his work with fear. It's a programme designed, by him, for anyone who wants to have more great conversations.

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The Power of Soft

In life and in business we often mask our inner vulnerability by adopting a hard, unwavering and ultimately ineffective approach. In The Power of Soft, Hilary Gallo proposes drawing our strength from our mental core, improving our power relative to any situation. He teaches us to see reality by looking past our judgements and preconceptions without letting go of what we're trying to achieve. Gallo pulls examples from the archives of human history – referencing everyone from Machiavelli to Butch Cassidy, F. Scott Fitzgerald to 007 – and draws on his own experience to show how we can all make use of the power of soft.

A picture of the cover of the book, The Power of Soft, written by Hilary Gallo

Fear Hack

What happens if we turn fear around and look at it from a different angle? If we welcome what scares us in, as our friend, what does it become and where does it help us go? This isn't just a book about fear. It's fundementally about how we understand and exercise power.
A picture of the cover of the book, Fear Hack, written by Hilary Gallo