Course Curriculum

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    Welcome to 3D Conversations!

    • Welcome to 3D Conversations

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    • 1. Your first conversation is with yourself

    • 2. Stop the self-talk that stops you

    • 3. Get to comfort through discomfort

    • 4. Conversations are a creative opportunity

    • 5. You grow and your conversations will too

    • 6. Turn muck into gold

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    • 7. Safety is something you can create

    • 8. Being before Doing

    • 9. Choice is the way forward

    • 10. Relationship first!

    • 11. Vulnerability is the key to trust

    • 12. Team #1 is you!

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    Be Empty

    • 13. The genius of not knowing

    • 14. There's no one right answer

    • 15. Anchor to needs

    • 16. Let go of outcomes, commit to possibility

    • 17. Wisdom is a question

    • 18. Be more Sherlock!

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    • 19. Movement - the secret to empathy

    • 20. Don't be a smug listener

    • 21. Stop your Inner Interrupters

    • 22. You instigate the shift

    • 23. Be seen as a great listener

    • 24. 3D Listening

    • 25. Influence is about assisting change

Watch Intro Video

An introduction to
3D Conversations

What you'll get from the course

3D Conversations will support you to connect with others in a way that feels safe, creates space and inspires movement - for all parties.

  • 3D Conversations is a four-part course, including an introduction and three dimensions of learning

  • Learn and put the knowledge into practise at your own pace

  • Each course session includes a video to watch and a practical, achievable task that's explained in the accompanying workbook

How much it costs


  • What does the 3D Conversations course include?

    Refer to the Course Curriculum towards the top of this page and expand each section for an overview of what will be covered. If you have specific questions, please get in touch.

  • Is there a limit to how long I can take to complete it?

    No, you can complete the task entirely at your own pace.

  • In terms of my time, what is the course equivalent to?

    The course is flexible and this is largely up to you. In terms of time, although the videos can be watched in a few hours, you will get the most value by taking them slowly and working through the workbook at your own pace. The course offers time for reflection and the space to flex how you approach day to day conversations. In terms of benefit to you, this course perhaps roughly equates to a one day in-room course.

  • Do I have to go anywhere?

    No, the course is 100% online with a supporting workbook, although many of the tasks will make suggestions for how to put your learning into practice during conversations with others.

  • Can I speak to Hilary if I have questions or such?

    Please email Hilary with questions or feedback. We'd like to hear from you.

  • Is 1-2-1 coaching with Hilary Gallo available?

    Yes, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

  • How do I get in touch?

    email hilary at